Philippe Thomassigny - Personal Showcase

Javascript framework single-page-application.

Full realtime animated Java 3D rendering engine.

Arka online game. Full ISO-3D 100% javascript game, MMORPG type (Need a Facebook account).

The WebAbility® Network, lots of GPLv3 Freeware and the WebAbility Developement plateform.

Personal Projects:
- WebAbility®
- DomCore
- Box Model
- Dominion
- DomList
- DomMask
- Java 3D Engine

Sites I do an maintain: - ISO-3D MMORP Game Electronic commerce directory and trust-tools Electronic store Open source repository and the WebAbility Devel. platform Email anonimizer antispam-screen

Sites I do at work with my team:
Asociacion Mexicana de Internet
IMSS Open Government
Politica Digital magazine
Nexos magazine
Nuevo Leon Government