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The world of Arka

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Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

Arka Online is a highly addictive iso-3D roleplaying game 100% browser based.
Learn, Build, Fight, Hack installations, Impose your empire.

It is a PERSISTENT world, all what is yours, actions, and even your character stay in the world even when disconnected.

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Background story:

In the year 3000, after many wars, diseases, technology evolution, ozone destruction, and so on, Earh is almost impossible to inhabit. The only solution was to dig deep into the ground to survive. The Earth Council decided to open a new level in the ground, named Arka. Unfortunatly, only worst people (like you) accept this kind of jobs.
Your job is to open ground. Meanwhile, the Council authorize you to buy your own underground land and use it for production, construction and research. There is no law down here. Anybody can kill anybody. Anybody can steal anybody. Anybody can hack any installations...

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Important: This is a version BETA (still under developpement, possible errors)